About Us

We work with a handful of factories that have grown with us over a number of years developing a foundation of quality, trust and transparency.

Historically we have supplied the multinationals and wholesalers. Now we come directly to you the end user. Whether you are a manufacturer, boutique, independent or small chain, we cater for your needs.

We have built foundations with a number of audited factories from Europe and the Far East for the last 20 years. It’s only through their reliability and support that we have been able to deliver on every individual need, product, lead time and pricing structure. Between them, these factories provide an extensive portfolio of packaging products making sure that we keep up with the latest trends.

We pride ourselves in always keeping ahead with innovation, close monitoring of quality, ensuring you have regular updates, shipping on time and supporting you to the highest of our abilities to make the packaging process as easy for you as possible. Below you will find this process outlined.

Transparency with our partners and customers is essential to the way we do business believing that this is important to building relationships.


  • BriefThis is the stage where we get to know you and get a feel for your brand. We work on gaining an understanding of what would be the ideal design and a perfect fit for your product requirements.
  • ArtworkAs soon as we have the go ahead, the first thing we look for is artwork.
    If you have artwork you would like to use for your branding, great! If not, don’t worry we have experts at hand who can design or add personality to you packaging.
  • QuotationOnce we have understood exactly what you need, we would provide you with a tailored quote and give you the best possible solutions and prices to meet them.
  • SampleOnce the artwork has been approved, we create the sample for you. It’s important to us that it not only looks great but the functionality is as desired.
  • Mass ProductionOnce the sample has been seen and you’re happy with it, we will move forward to mass production and bring our joint vision to life. Quality will be monitored throughout the whole process and we will always be available to provide you with any updates.
  • DeliveryOn completion of mass production and goods arrival into storage, immediate deliveries will be offered and packaging sent to you by the lead-time agreed.