• Are paper bags the best choice for your business?

    Some pros and cons to consider before selecting paper shopping bags include:


    They can be made from recycled paper
    They are readily recyclable
    Can be made with many layers, such as adding a water-resistant layer
    Laminated or plastic coated paper can be used for marketing purposes to print creative designs and graphics on the bags
    Various thickness available
    Numerous handle options such as paper, ribbon, or rope handles
    Spot UV, hot foil stamping, embossing or debossing can be used to add a design to high-end bags


    Standard paper bags (like grocery bags) are generally not waterproof
    Water-resistant coatings or layers can make it more difficult to recycle
    Generally single time use

  • Packaging affects the senses!

    A study by Packaging Innovations London found that 73% of people said that packaging is a major factor in deciding which product they choose to purchase. A surprising factor of the study was that not only did better packaging make a product be perceived higher quality but actually has a direct affect on senses such as taste and smell. An example is 60% thought that the perfume they tested smelt nicer when the same scent was packaged in a better bottle or exterior.

    59% stated that packaging was a determining factor for gift buying and even said that they would rather go for a lower quality product in better packaging than the other way round.

  • We are exhibiting at Top Drawer September 2017

    We are looking forward to welcoming you to our stand at the Top Drawer 2017 where we will display a selection of bespoke products ranging from paper bags, boxes, tissue, ribbon, labels, eco-friendly packaging and garment covers. If you drop into TD, please come and say hello!

  • 9 Design trends from for 2017

    According to 99 Designs, the 9 Packaging trends to keep in mind when for eye-catching designs are as following:
    1. Be simple, bold and clear – in a cluttered world, 2017 is the year of minimalism.
    2. Embrace custom lettering – it’s all about customisation.
    3. Go wild with colour – Colours evoke emotion.
    4. Repeat patterns – To give a brand a strong imagine, consistency and repetition is vital.
    5. Use illustration as a narrative – Behind every design, there is a story.
    6. You’ve got mail – receiving mail is exciting, make it personalised for your customers e.g. a customised stamp.
    7. What you see is what you get – Die cuts and windows allows customers to see the product.
    8. Vintage is making a come back – There’s something about vintage design that resonates through time, vintage design brings back memories for people.
    9. Eco-friendly packaging – Eco-friendly, biodegradable, natural, sustainable… Going green is the way forward.

  • Why Bamboo is a better option than Cotton for bags?

    A challenge for most packaging companies is to ethically use their raw materials and ensure that they are as environmentally friendly as possible with climate changes being a current world concern.
    This is why our factories constantly look for new ways to reduce and use raw materials that are easy to replenish.
    Bamboo is a popular option to Cotton for the reasons below;
    – Bamboo grows without any pesticides whilst non-organic cotton need a third of a pound to every pound of cotton grown as well as 25% chemical pesticides. Bamboo is naturally resistant to insects.
    – Bamboo also uses a third of the water that cotton requires necessary to grow. This is also advantageous to farmers.
    – Bamboo replenishes itself without a need to be re-planted.
    – One acre of bamboo produces 10 times what one acre of Cotton can yield.
    – Viscose from bamboo is even stronger than Cotton and softer. Its durability is three times of cotton.
    – It draws in a lot of CO2 from the environment making is a very positive impact for its surrounding and environmentally friendly.
    We can print bamboo as you wish, bespoke to your style and image. Handles can be of any sizes. Please get in touch if you are interested in producing bamboo bags for your retail packaging.

  • Mail Order: Unboxing Custom Packaging to Increase ‘Sharability’ of a Brand

    For an ecommerce business, there are few opportunities for customers to experience a brand. One of these opportunities is having bespoke packaging for your mail order. The shipped package from a company represents the most direct touch point with customers and is the most under-utilised marketing space that retailers have, missing the mark. Tyler Vawser of Sticker Mule explains: “Brick and mortar stores have more face-to-face interaction with their customers. Ecommerce stores don’t have that luxury and need to get it right.”
    Fundamentally people like sharing great experiences. 4/10 consumers share an image of a custom packaging delivery with a unique experience.
    Social media has opened the gateway to the importance of the “unboxing” experience, with shopping hauls posted regularly by bloggers and influencers on channels like YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and even Facebook Live. Retailers are giving more thought to creating an innovative look and experience using their brand in hope to generate more user-content. It would make sense for retailers to jump on to the social media bandwagon as word of mouth and genuine feedback has a high esteem for most buyers. It also allows you stand out from competitors and make you more recognisable. Ultimately custom packaging for your company is an extension of your brand.
    A quirky analogy given to emphasise the importance of packaging to a brand is like, wearing an outfit which represents most of your company, its entire entity and products but excluding the packaging which are the shoes. If you wear an outfit without giving thought to the shoes you are wearing it with, diminishes the look.

  • Power of Packaging

    70% consumers accepted that they form their impression of a brand based solely on packaging.

    Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, founder and publisher of Retail Mindedand co-founder of the Independent Retailer Conference, breaks it down:

    “When a merchant invests in branded bags, they are also investing in continued marketing for their business. Once that bag exits their store, it begins a journey that may connect with simply a few or even many consumers along the way. From potential customers seeing it on the streets to the user of the bag reusing it again, the journey may not be clear, but it certainly guarantees continued brand exposure.”

    Packaging is the customer’s first impression of your brand and a good opportunity to set a company apart from other online retailers, communicate a brand’s aesthetic and increase exposure for marketing.

    According to Invespcro, whilst acquiring new customers is important, it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. Packaging contributes to the feel of a brand. 40% of consumers would be willing to repurchase from a brand that has well thought out bespoke packaging.

  • How to make packaging a part of your branding

    There are plenty of ways to convey who you are as a company with your branding. The most understated way is through your packaging. There are various packaging materials and elements that can be incorporated to give customers a taste of your brand’s entity.

    Even small element such as an inserted flyer with a cheery message communicating a brand’s values makes a significant difference. You can even use flyers or cards for promotional material such as discounts or refer a friend or a voucher which would instigate word of mouth marketing and get people talking about your brand. Another way would be a custom handwritten note from the CEO is always appreciated by customers in feeling values.

    Bespoke Boxes are the biggest factor to consider as they are the container in which the product is transported to the customer. It is the biggest opportunity to create an impression on the client and engage them more by creating a better experience of ‘unboxing’ and a better chance for exposure of a brand since consumers like to share their purchases with friends and followers online.

    Printed tissue paper adds a level of mystery and luxury, the feeling of another layer of protection so the product must be dear. A branded sticker could be added to seal the tissue paper, as well as in various other ways to promote your brand. You could even use it as an inexpensive way to add as a company logo label or information label to your product. Printed Tape also works well for sealing packages complementing your branding.

    If you are interested in any of the products mentioned on this post, we would be happy to help you source them so give us a call on 0116 319 2874.

  • 5 Reasons to do Seasonal Packaging

    It’s that time of the year where retailers are crowding the retail and online space with bespoke packaging; whether it’s Easter packaging, Christmas Packaging, New Years Packaging, Valentines Packaging. The question is “to do or not to do?.” Here are Campaign Live’s top 5 reasons for adopting seasonal packaging or not.
    To do:
    1 – Consider the value it will bring to the rand, for example if you are a chocolatier then what better opportunity to boost sales at Easter. Coke Olympics and Energy drinks newyear gym
    2 – You have to plan in advance, according to Thornton’s head of design, her team start 6 months in advance in designing any bespoke packaging for any festivity.
    3 – Due to the increase of social sharing online, having interesting or luxury packaging encourages people to share pictures of their new purchase. A lot of online retailers consider what mail packaging their company has. It not only fulfils a purpose of being informative but allows to create a more engaging experience. We have discussed this more in the blog post “MAIL ORDER: UNBOXING CUSTOM PACKAGING TO INCREASE ‘SHARABILITY’ OF A BRAND”.
    4 – It is a good way to infuse seasonal trends or even boost sales during certain seasons. For example, Kleenex have a watermelon tissue box designed to take on picnics so that people are more tempted to purchase tissues in what would be a slow season for them. The idea is to connect the customer to feelings and memories associated with the holiday or time of year.
    5 – It allows a brand to stay fresh and updated. It a cluttered environment with so many options at a consumers fingertips a brand is easily forgettable therefore its essential that as marketers and as a brand, we keep their attention through mixing up new campaigns that evoke emotions or infuse excitement.
    The only fall backs to consider are whether the campaign for the season is strong. If it’s a very vague reference to the occasion or event then it seems very ineffective to even bother in the first place. The second thing a company has to be weary of is that it may be costly so perhaps there would be cheaper temporary solutions such as getting flat pack boxes rather than luxury boxes or using printed labels and printed ribbons to add a seasonal reference. Last but not least, a season has a shelf line so will your seasonal product packaging.
    Source: https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/design-marking-day/539134

  • The rise of Kraft Packaging

    The question is why is kraft becoming so popular?
    Dieline’s answer is that it is sophisticated and falls into the minimalistic trend which can be demonstrated in this example is Toscana kraft boxes.
    More importantly, Kraft is environmentally friendly and a business has a duty to be responsible to ensure that its activities and processes have a minimal impact on the environment. Kraft qualifies as eco-friendly packaging because the material is easy to grow, it is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.
    This is reaffirmed by marketing consultant and Forbes writer Jeff Fromm:
    “Young adults have stronger connections with brands that promote sustainability in addition to corporate responsibility. The combination of these two values encourages companies to implement viable business practices throughout the entire ecosystem.”
    Kraft is still customisable, kraft takes well to print without the need of lamination or gloss making it more sustainable than paper. The material is also unbleached so minimal chemicals used which decreases the strength of material and increases manufacturing costs. Price wise it is also a cheaper alternative to using art paper bags.
    Opulence Packaging has a commitment to keeping packaging sustainable with certified factories and suppliers. We recently underwent a unique project with Velobici to produce mail order boxes in a different shape with a tie over to keep it intact. Velobici as a brand is innovative and forward thinking, it was pivotal that we kept this in mind when designing the companies packaging. The box was create in multiple sizes to accommodate various products.

  • Unpacking the future of branding

    The future of branding is de-branding. Companies are looking for self-publishing material or journalistic stories to promote autheticity. Brands are becoming hyper-personalised creating a unique experience for the customer. Brands are going hi-tech and packaging will play a pivotal role in augmented reality.

    According to the Dieline, the products we buy are more than just products, they represent who we are and the values we hold. A brands packaging reflects those values back to us, whether it be healthy, wholesome, eco-friendly or luxurious.
    The future of branding is ‘de-branding’ says fastcodesign.com for example logos are becoming secondary to artwork and messages that define the brand. Rather than advertising companies are looking for self-publishing material or journalistic stories that have a more native, organic and authentic approach to hide commercial imperative. Bloggers, Instagramers and You-Tubers have become popular in promoting or partnering with companies.
    Brands are becoming hyper-personalised with consumer demand for personalisation being on the rise creating a unique experience for the customer. The advancement of technology is allowing this process to be easier to execute by companies. Brands are also going hi-tech at the face front of the brand as well as in the manufacturing of the product e.g. glasses brands use the selfie function to calculate the face shape to suggest which frames would best suit an individual.
    In packaging, 3D Printing is will transform the industry. In future individual designs may be possible as well and packaging may play an even more important role in marketing products as a result of augmented reality. The packaging of the future will carry more information than ever before.

    “This moment in time is that pivotal point in which sustainability and e-commerce are coming together, people are looking to reduce use of materials and thinking about innovation in terms of e-commerce.” said Marianne Rosner Klimchuk, associate chairwoman of the Fashion Institute of Technology, at the recent DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation