Environmentally friendly alternatives to paper and plastic bags are becoming increasingly popular due to a demand for lifelong, reusable, more durable and ethical bags. Reusing bags for life is one of the best ways to help reduce waste and preserve our planet.
Eco-friendly bags are available in cotton, jute, woven PP, Non-woven PP.

The most common type of eco-friendly bag is the cotton tote bag which is lightweight and strong. The eco-shopper bag is wider in the size and usually made from canvas or jute for a high volume of products. PP woven and non woven bags are ideal for heavier items due to the manufacturing process giving them strength.

Jute is a natural plant fiber which is extremely durable, 100% bio-degradable, recyclable and affordable. Pocket bags such as the M&S bag are a new style of bag developed to make carrying an extra reusable bag with you to be convenient. It folds up to be small enough to fit inside your pocket and easily unfolded to carry around products with ease. They are usually created from a nylon material.